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Age of Conan News

Tortage Walkthrough

Getting started in Age of Conan is easy, but the Hyborian age is full of danger with death waiting at every turn. The first city you'll encounter is Tortage, and island town whose streets are crawling with pirates and uninvited Red Hand soldiers. Take a few minutes to read through this breif overview of the Tortage starting quests.

Draedus on AOC First Impressions

In case there was ever any doubt, it's official Funcom has released a fantastic MMORPG. Despite a few hiccups in early beta, Age of Conan has shaped up to actually deliver on the hype it's recieved leading up to release.

Cyprus Praises AOC Pre-Release

There is no doubt that Funcom is devoted to making Age of Conan a powerhouse MMORPG.  Having played some other games that were not nearly as polished, I am really excited to chop some heads in Funcom's world of Hyboria. 

FunCom Releases Age of Conan Server Names

After a number of fan-inclusive polls, and much deliberation, the folks at FunCom have assigned and released the Age of Conan MMORPG server names. Having weathered a few schedule set-backs Age of Conan opens to the eager pre-order crowd this weekend, and to the public early next week. Check out the list of servers & server types to determine which server you and your friends will meet on.

Cyprus Reviews Age of Conan Open Beta

It was great to participate in the open beta, now we await the release on May 20 or the pre-order release of the 17th.  The open beta is all about testing the quests, pvp, environment, interaction, etc. But if anything, the Beta definitely showed how fast changes can be implemented and how committed Funcom is to making this game perform well.

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Latest Age of Conan Videos

Horsing Around - Mis-Using Mounts in AOC

A short video documenting one of the less  practical  uses of horses in the Age of Conan MMORPG.

Another Peek at AOC Mounts

Another sneak  peek at the mounts in Age of Conan including an epic(sic) ride into the sunset, and ...

The Age of Conan Game Engine - Dream Engine

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Age of Conan Character Creation Preview

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Epic Moments from Age of Conan (Machinima)

Caught this video on Machinima & then again on YouTube - some nice shots from the game, includin...

Age of Conan Trailers

Dramatic Age of Conan Trailer

This Age of Conan trailer video has some great action scenes, dramatic voice overs and a great overa...

Age of Conan Combat Clips

AOC Demonologist Fatalities

Age of Conan Demonologists lash enemies with fire summons from the dark beyond. This video clip just...

AOC Siege Combat Preview

Yes it's official and no theres not a ton of information about it yet. Siege combat WILL play a part...

Age of Conan Dungeon Crawl (pts 1,2 & 3 of 3 in one video)

The Age of Conan developers walk through a dungeon to highlight some of the features and highlights ...